Thursday, 14 September 2006

CODE RED - NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a posting from The Plumster on Plumsteadshire. Please read it and act upon it. Busta must be stopped. This is a very big step for the opposition campaign and it's going to happen this Saturday.

I've copied and pasted The Plumster's message below. Read on.

Thanks alot TP.

Please find below the content of an email I have received from a Shooters Hill councillor. Please get behind this on Saturday.

Thank you to all of you who have emailed myself and the other
councillors with your concerns about the licensing application for the
Ship Pub. I have today managed to get a look at the application and am happy to confirm that there is no mention of lapdancing within the

However, they do intend to essentially turn the Ship into what could easily be called a mini nightclub, with the sale of alcohol up until
Midnight Monday - Thursday and upto 2am on Fridays, Saturdays and
Sunday's. They have applied for later hours for bank holidays etc.

I would like to make it plainly clear that I totally object to this
application and believe that such a facility within a highly
residential area is completely inappropriate. I would like to assure you that I will be doing everything I can to stop this. To that end, I have contacted the press and the Mercury have agreed to cover this story and
would like to take photogrpahs potentially on Saturday morning. The more people who we can get the better. I have invited Clive Efford MP for Eltham to attend as I know that he too is opposed to this application.

Under the Licensing Act 2003, Councillors must be asked by a resident to make representations on their behalf, so please could those of you who wish me to obbject on your behalf please make this clear in a letter and
send it to:

Merle Meadfors Searle
Committee Services
Town Hall
Wellington Street

I would advise you all to look at the licensing section on the council's website which details the four licensing areas that you can object and provides other useful information on the issue of Licensing.

Please let me know you have recieved this email and whether or not you are happy to attend on Saturday (I will confirm this as soon as the
Mercury let me know). I'm confident that with a big community campaign,
we can make sure that the Ship Pub is brought back into proper use.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:37:27 PM


Anonymous said...

What time on Saturday do you want people there to present their objections and demonstrate the support you have for blocking this wholly inappropriate planning application?

Anonymous said...

whilst you are there can you ask the Mercury to state in the paper that should the venue be turned into a restaurant or gastro pub that local residents would flock to said venue thus creating lovely wealth for the owner - perhaps someone with some cash and know-how will then see the benefit of a vacant lot and purchase it.
What about the other old shops/cafes around the Common why has no-one ever thought about these as a suitable local restaurant. Come on Plumstead Village where are you?!!

Anonymous said...

we should get some gasto pub owners aka the owners from blackheath and greenwich places to come up on saturday so they can see the potential .... ill look into it

Anonymous said...

Dear Plumsteadshire

I just wanted to flag up to people that if writing to there local councilor its as well to follow up any email with a hard copy sent by good old fashioned pen paper and a stamp. Greenwich councils email system has been having some problems receiving emails from some external isp providers/email addresses

Anonymous said...

i have been informed by councillor for Glyndon Paul Tyler the following:

The application for a license is coming before committee in the near future.
I have been told that your complaints needs to be in writing, and also state that you would like Cllr. Tyler & Cllr Wakefield to represent you in opposing this application. Please write to:

Tricia Covington
Licensing Committee Co-ordinator
Town Hall
Wellington Street
Woolwich SE18 6PW.

Please write a.s.a.p. Thank you

Dr. Paul F. Tyler

SO EVERYONE GETTING WRITING. Use snail mail, as email objections are not accepted by the committee.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pangloss of Plumsteadshire
Please can you alert people to this:
It is a protest poster. I've been posting them around the common area but unfriendly locals have removed many. If others can keep posting these around the place, as well as WRITE to the council in opposition to BDR, I would be very pleased and grateful.
A Fellow Plumstead Common Resident