Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Ship Pub rename

You know something. Not only do I not like the sound of the Bust Da Rhyme bar and shake yo booty emporium, I don't like the name either.

This has been noted by several lovely listeners and I've been thinking of a renaming. All anagrams

So far, I've come up with
SAD THYME RUB - Sounds kind of homeopathic
SHADY RUM BET - Most accurate

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mrsdp said...

a lovely pub called "The Common Room" would do - not sure it's an anagram of BDR but works well for word association, there is one in Wimbledon, all nice sofa's, scrummy food, nice chilled beers, good wine selection http://www.jamiesbars.co.uk/commonroom/ look a link for all potential landlords who might want some style tips!