Saturday, 23 September 2006

Meeting on Sunday

Dear friends,

Nick Day of the award winning Plumstead Common Environment Group fame, has asked me to mention that PCEG are having a meeting tomorrow (Sunday 24th September), at 3pm. Location - The church hall on Old Mill Road.

I'm sure all things environmental, wholesome and local will be spoken about, but the future of The Ship Pub is also on the agenda. A hot topic, as we all know. It'll be a great opportunity for all to get together and share views and maybe work out a game plan.

Please make the effort to go along as we have to act pretty sharpish.

Let me quote from Aesop - 'United we stand, divided we fall'.


Anonymous said...

Ok had an idea.

Tommorow im going to the local agents to see
about taking one of those derilict shops and turning into italian style coffee house/small bar not sure of the sizes so gonna have a little look around i know there are about three or four.... i quite like the spot oposite the garage

Main question is though would you guys use it ... Please post replys Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yep I think it would definately get used - providing it was a)good(I'll take that as a given) and b) not drowned out by base beat from Bust da rhymes!

RightOnTheCommon said...

Sounds like a cracking idea to me!

Anyone else get the letter through the letter box from the council setting out clearly who and what to say in your response to the Application for "bust da gut"? Should be no excuses to put pen to paper and stop this thing happening.

Anonymous said...

had a look this morning and i think the best shop is the one with all the baths in . . . enough room for cafe/bar ... understand it is owned by ablair . gonna go around their later and see if we could sort something out

keep posting responses guys... i dont want to carry on with this if its going to upset peeps

The Plumster said...

There's a really good looking empty premises across the other side of the Common that would be perfect for this kind of venture. The old post office next door to Hip Hip Hooray (which incidently, and very sadly is closing down on Saturday). At the Junction of Waverly Crescent and Warwick Terrace. Looks like it would need a bit of work though. I'd certainly support something like this.

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame Hip Hip Hooray is closing. This really should have thrived as Plumstead is a family area. If this can't survive then I really can't see how a coffe bar, deli etc would either. Not enough people support local ventures like these.

mrsdp said...

I would definitely support a deli/cafe/bar. It could be my one stop shop for weekend brunches where I could pick up snacks for lunch and return in the evening to drink wine...
Whilst sad that HHH is closing I think there is more use for this kind of establishment, more people eat and drink than they bake (well more people I know). I am too busy to bake so I am all for places I can eat out and buy meals from.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pangloss of Plumsteadshire
Please can you alert people to this:
It is a protest poster. I've been posting them around the common area but unfriendly locals have removed many. If others can keep posting these around the place, as well as WRITE to the council in opposition to BDR, I would be very pleased and grateful.
A Fellow Plumstead Common Resident

Anonymous said...

Mrsdp - How would you expect a deli/cafe/bar to survive if when the only time you used it was of a weekend. Whoever opened this would have to rely on trade during the weekdays and as the only customers who would use such an establishment probably work this to would go the same way as HHH. I can't see the lad's from Ablair's going in and ordering some chorizo and a latte. I sincerely hope that someone has the ball's to open a deli but it will ineviatably go the same way as HHH if all it can rely on is weekend trade.

I used HHH to order birthday cakes and decorations etc not to get my baking powder as I to am too busy to bake.

mrsdp said...

well..if it was a bar and open in the evenings then I would use it during the week. But my experience of coffee shops and deli's is that they are usually open 9-5 or thereabouts and as I leave for work at 7.30am and get back at 7pm I am not likely to be able to use it during the's not to do with lack of support but practicality..If I was on maternity leave I would probably be there on a daily basis!

Anonymous said...

Which is exactly my point. How would it survive if no one uses it during the weekdays. You can't open a business if all you are relying on are weekend users.

If someone does open one up - you know what to do then don't you...get pregnant - that should at least help the deli tick over for a year!

Anonymous said...

its my idea to open something am looking into it at mo ..... id hope the people would use the bar of a nighttime (the rents around here are not too bad either

Anonymous said...

i and all my friends will come to your cafe/bar if you open it. but please don't let it be open TOO late and be TOO noisy.