Monday, 25 September 2006

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Hmmmmmmm coffeeeeee!!!!

The Plumsteadshire rejuvenation masterplan has started. I see a billiant little deli with chairs and tables outside and handpainted signage (none of that new fangled backlit perspex rubbish). A fish-monger selling fresh swimming things bought early in the morning from Billingsgate. Said fish-monger would wear a straw boater, rosy cheeks and huge sideburns (this would apply if our fish monger is a lady too). A wet fish shop was trialed in our parish only a few years ago, but had nothing to sell me. We won't make this mistake again.

I see a community in full swing. We'll pass each other in the street and doff our hats and lay down our capes for genteel ladies.

One step at a time, I know, so a deli would be an excellent start. I'm there already.

"Four hundred grammes of thickly sliced chorizo please squire."


LovePlumstead said...

I've just been alerted to your blog. Great! There are more like-minded people living in Plumstead than I had realised. I'm a fairly new resident so this makes me very happy. Thanks for all the interesting comments. They've really cheered me up. And let's hope some enterprising entrepreneur with a bit of capital will take charge of THE SHIP and turn it into the gastro-pub that we all yearn for.

Anonymous said...

just seen this on rightmove - what a bargain...could see a deli there

Anonymous said...

A new bar and a deli??! I think I would cry with happiness. Sadly having just bought a new house and car and having no investment capital (or any idea of how to run a business) I can't buy anything but I can and will support any new eating and drinking establishment (not BDR) in the area