Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Infamy, infamy we've all got it in for Busta

Here's another news item going to press. It's from the South London Press and covers Saturday's protest. The Parisian students ain't got a patch on the residents of Plumsteadshire.


The Headless 291 Driver said...

That article was in The Mercury last night, Page 14. I believe the South London Press is just an amlagamation of various local papers. There was a pic too and it looks to have had a decent protest turnout. Good to see word has got around so much. Changing the world from your pc, not bad eh?

Anonymous said...

this could make a great evening standard feature as well .... any journos among us should give it ago

see the headlines now


Anonymous said...

Hello Pangloss of Plumsteadshire
Please can you alert people to this:
It is a protest poster. I've been posting them around the common area but unfriendly locals have removed many. If others can keep posting these around the place, as well as WRITE to the council in opposition to BDR, I would be very pleased and grateful.
A Fellow Plumstead Common Resident