Saturday, 16 September 2006

Busta's license app

Hello again. Look what I found on the Greenwich Council website. It's the September 11th application - not that there's a bad omen or anything like that.

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Anonymous said...

In addition to the summary of the application, I have been along to the licensing office at Riverside house and read the full application.

I thought people might like some details from the full application.-
Asked to give a general description of the premises the applicant states
"BUST 'DA' RHYME EXCLUSIVE BAR & LOUNGE IS A WINE BAR PROVIDING A COOL RELAXING ATMOSPHERE FOR ITS MEMBERS ONLY" (no need to point out perhaps that the atmosphere that will result for local residents is likely to neither 'cool' nor 'relaxing')

The applicant then goes on to say how he intends to address each of the four licensing objectives. My own reading of it is that it all seems pretty vague. Under the prevention of 'crime and disorder' one of the measures will be -NOTICES ADVISING THE PUBLIC/ MEMBERS/GUESTS NOT TO LEAVE BAGS UNATTENDED DUE TO CONCERNS ABOUT TERRORISM WILL BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED.

Now to be fair to the applicant, he does go on to describe some other measures eg CCTV, but the above did strike me as a little odd -
My personal view is that the Busta da rhymes development could well have many negative effects on the area, but worries about Al Qaeda are not uppermost in my mind!!!

If any one would like a pdf copy of the application, to help them write their letters to the council, Please post a reply to this with your email address and I will try and scan and send you a pdf version.

Also in composing your letters you might find it useful to go to the Greenwich website and search for the "licensing policy". Section 8.4 reads along the following lines
'the licensing authority will deal with the issue of licensing hours on the individual merits of each application. However, when issuing a licence, stricter conditions will be expected with regard to noise control in the case of premises that are situated in predominantly residential areas. This will particularly apply in circumstances where having regard to the location, size,and nature of the licensed premises, it is likely that disturbances will be caused to residents in the vicinity of the premises during normal night time sleeping periods of 11.30 to 7am'

Get writing those letters......