Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Madame Jo Jo's A.K.A. The Ship

Base camp Plumsteadshire has been putting out enquiries to Greenwich Council re. The Ship Pub development.

Lork's a lordy!!!!!! Upon mentioning of the license application, the trading standards department are UNAWARE of it, nor have they received any such application. Does this mean that Prakash Patel, the applicant, has posted up his own notice?

Would such under-hand devilry be possible in the World of property development?

Or has Greenwich Council managed to turn a blind eye to another great development in the local area? Can I say LIDL and Coronet Cinema in the same sentence?

The excellent Greenwich Watch blog has covered what sounds like a similar application at The Plaza building near Maze Hill. I don't know if the Maze Hillians managed to fight off that one, if so, could this be the same proposal but different area?

The Last Boy Scout has mentioned that there is a petition going around. I'm sure if we ask residents around The Ship Pub, particulary Wernbrook Street, they'll know who holds the petition so we can sign it. The clock is ticking, please write to the Trading Standards Dept at Greenwich Council or click here to go to the objections page of their website.


The Last Boy Scout said...

From the info i've gathered, the petition is being run by one of the residents in Wernbrook street, not sure which one yet.

I'll let you know as soon as I do.

The Plumster said...

Given that Trading Standards are unaware of this application, I think it's safe to say that the dates on the premises application taped to the wall of The Ship, aren't worth the paper they're scrawled on. Regardless of this, there's never room for complacency with something like this. Sign the petition, and e-mail all local councillors asap!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to sign the existing petition, or better, start another one and stand outside the Co-op to get signatures! Plumstead Commoners Unite!