Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Busta Is A Dumb Shyster

A Dumb Shyster, well that's the best rename yet.

Anagrams are great aren't they?
Or how about 'Drab Messy Hut'?

That's a bit close to the bone I think.
Or what about 'Absurd Thymes'?


Do I have a life? Or do I just sit in a corner and think of anagrams? Thank God for the inter web. Does it in seconds.

By the way, did anyone go to that meeting last Saturday? I'd like to know what the result was. Have we got a councillor on the case? Is the Mercury going to cover this story? I know it's not a stabbing or a shooting, or a fete being opened by Chico.

Enough frivolity. Get those letters of objection in. Pen, paper, stamp. It's like the olden days again. Snail mail and community spirit.


Anonymous said...

I emailed The Mercury last night from their website about The Common and it's perfect setting for a gastro pub. I think this is something we need to lobby them with and get some coverage in the press, on local websites so that potential investors can see the worth. There are other empty spots by The Ship as well.

Anonymous said...


have a look at


that will give you the update on the Ship gathering last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

There's also a piece in the Mercury about 'Bust ya Botty'....


Anonymous said...

Hello Pangloss of Plumsteadshire
Please can you alert people to this:
It is a protest poster. I've been posting them around the common area but unfriendly locals have removed many. If others can keep posting these around the place, as well as WRITE to the council in opposition to BDR, I would be very pleased and grateful.
A Fellow Plumstead Common Resident