Monday, 25 September 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me etcetera..............

I've just noticed that I've been talking to myself for a whole year
now. In some circles, I'd be lobotomised.

Here's a picture of a seriously kitsch cake sent in by one imaginary lovely listener. Designs as foul as this must have ASBO's slapped on them.


Anonymous said...


Im seriously considering finding a unit for my coffee shop/ bar i wondered if there was anyway at all you could post a poll or something along those lines on here

it could really help me out ... I love the idea of the old post office am going to see the guys at hhh tomorrow about it

As a lot of us own our houses these sort of additions to our village could help our houses rocket up

and make plumstead common what it should be

Anonymous said...

A decent coffee shop/cafe on the common would be great. Ideally, it'd be far enough away to avoid the noise and fumes of Plumstead Common Road. The old PO is a good spot, as many people pass it going to/from the train station.

The Headless 291 Driver said...

The old post office, the one one the corner of Waverley Crescent and Warwick Terrace? Next to the newsagents where all the horrible oiky kids hang outbefore and after school?

Are you suuuuuure that's the best location on the common? It would experience quite a lot of noisy bus action there.

By the way I had a response from my Meantime request as posted previously. I would have posted it there but feared it would get lost, what will all the hot blogging action going on all of a sudden! Strangely enough as well the Meantime van was parked outside of the Who'D A Thought It! on saturday, although that would then be a case of nice beer, shame about the pub.

"Many thanks for your encouragement and continued enjoyment of Meantime beers. We are indeed expanding at the moment, although that doesn't include buying a new pub (at least for another year) we are seeking out new free trade pubs who wish to sell our beers.

If we can find a suitable pub or bar in the Plumstead and Woolwich area we'll obviously do our very best to secure a supply deal.

You might also want to pay a visit to your local Sainsbury's in October, as we have made a new Oktoberfest Taste The Difference beer for them and it is, without doubt one of the best beers we've ever made."