Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Busta Verdict - Trick or Treat?

I missed this evening's Council meeting. In the words of Harry Hill, "What are the chances of that happening?"

Well, thanks to one lovely listener, I have been informed that the Bust Da Rhyme exclusive bar application has been turned down. I'll await further confirmation, but if this is the case then this shows the strength of community in Plumsteadshire.

Well done to all the good people of the shire. What a treat.

However, let's not rest on our laurels though. We still want The Ship to set sail once more. Maybe the applicant will take note of local opinion and go with supply and demand? Or maybe they will appeal? Or maybe they will try and push Busta through the back door? Let us not rest on our laurels.

Sunday, 29 October 2006


Things have been busy recently at Plumsteadshire HQ.

I have been sent a hefty tome from Greenwich Council. Around 170 letters worth of heftiness. Not bad going. I'll take my hat off to those who wrote to the Council re. Busty Crimes. I suppose these are letters from within the 200metre 'valid zone', if so then 170 is all the more commendable.

Tuesday is the day. Rally up the troops and head down to Woolwich Town Hall. It's almost like the scene in the brilliant Fritz Lang film, 'Fury' except without the sticks and lynch-mob mentality. After all, we're decent folk.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Who's Busta?

Just in case the good folk of Plumsteadshire are unaware of the origin of the Bust Da Rhyme name, I have a slight hunch that it comes from the Hip Hop artiste, Busta Rhymes.

Here he is out for a stroll on Plumstead Common.

And here he is wearing his new hat.

Council meeting

The date of the Rusty Lime Exclusive Bar And Lounge meeting has been changed.

This has been brought to my attention from a couple of lovely listeners, but almost as if by a stroke of creepy coincidence, as I start writing this blog entry, a brown envelope is delivered via the GPO (that's General Post Office to the younger members of my readership); it's my invitation to attend the meeting.

So, the meeting is 6.30pm Tuesday 31st October 2006. at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich.

At least that means us working people have a chance of attending.

Friday, 6 October 2006


I've never had dealings with councillors, apart from one time.

Let me just refer to this person as COUNCILLOR X.

Leading up to the last local elections, I asked Councillor X how they could help deal with the spate of illegal selling of cars on the Common. Councillor X replied, "Phone the police. What do you want me to do about it?"

With such an uncaring attitude to their local community, I think I could do much better. I won't tar all councillors with the same brush, but I think this individual is only in the game for self publicity and an ego massage.

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Busta Meeting

One lovely listener has posted this very interesting comment on Plumsteadshire. In case you don't read other comments; see below in yellow text.

The so-called catchment area is a total farce. I'm sure we're all agreed that a late night drinking hole will have an affect on an area far wider than the radius of a strong projectile vomit. As such, we should be involved. This just tells me that
a) Greenwich Council want to pass this through with minimum fuss and
b) that Greenwich Council don't give a monkeys about the ramifications on the wider community.

Oh, don't forget D-Day is nigh. Get writing people.

Dear concerned Plumstead Common residents,

I have just been informed by the licensing office at Greenwich Council that the Licensing Committee hearing on this application will take place on

24 Oct 3pm at Woolwich Town Hall

This is where we need to go to argue the case against "Bust Da Rhyme" in person. Spread the word!

Also, I was informed that residents living outside a certain area who make written representations are not actually being considered. I got a rejection letter yesterday as we live just outside the said area! The catchement seems a bit random and the logic of it does not seem completely sound. It does not, for example, include some logical locations, like the far end of the Common towards Tormount, which has a pretty good (sometimes direct) view of The Ship a.k.a. "Bust Da..." and could be affected by people spilling on to the open green space at late hours, or indeed the houses on Heavitree Road and Close backing on to or facing the tennis courts and green space next to it, a good place to cut through if heading down the hill after a late night out. If you want to find out if your road is included in the catchement, ring 020 8921 8139.