Friday, 5 February 2010

Live music tonight

I have just discovered that the rugby pavilion on Plumstead Common is hosting another evening of live music tonight. As I have a hectic work life and a ridiculously hectic home life, I've missed the last couple of events, and that has also hit my plans for visits to the laughtastic Comedy On The Common nights. Oh for a simpler life.

So, pop down to the Rugby Pavilion on The Common for some fantabulosa live music.

Doors open at 7.30pm and entrance is a paltry £5.00 UK Sterling

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

iPhone radio

The iPhone is a wonderful gadget and not a bad phone either, but one of my big gripes is the lack of a radio, something I really miss from my old Sony Ericsson.

Fortunately, I've discovered an excellent iPhone application called Tunein Radio. Now I can listen to Gardener's Question Time when I'm out and about. Not only that but I can also listen to radio stations from as far away as Hebden Bridge! Actually, this is internet radio so I can listen to stations from all over the World. It's amazing.

I told my co-worker about it and she searched for her favourite station in Sao Paolo.
We were listening within seconds. I then surfed around sampling radio from all over the globe. Zambia. Hong Kong. Hawaii. Osaka. Didn't know what they were saying but to have a taste of feeling like I'm there in real time is great.