Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Language laydeez

Thanks to The Plumster for pointing out that colourful language is not called for in Plumsteadshire.

Feelings are clearly high on the subject of Bustagate which just shows how much we happy folk love Plumstead Common.

The response to Bustagate has been phenomenal and you have all put together an incredible depth of knowledge and investigation into the planning & licensing applications of Busta. Two lovely listeners of note are :-
Nick Day of the award winning Plumstead Common Environment Group has made many intelligent observations about the latest application. And Wing Commander WeLovePlumstead has been doing a brilliant job of organising the lines of communication.

Even though Mr Patel has watered down his application, has he watered down his intent? I don't think so. As has been noted by many already, a members only club with bouncers on the door named after an angry black rapper? I don't think so.

Wine bar + Busta = DOES NOT COMPUTE
Genteel leafy suburb of London + Busta = LIKE PUTTING A MAD CAT IN AN AVIARY

Let me remind you who Busta is. Here he is pictured here with Slim Shady.

Hmmmmmmmm.......... I can picture it now.

"Good evening Monsieur Rhymes. A dry Martini & a bottle of Ch√Ęteau Lafite-Rothschild please."

"What da f***? Dis is sh**ing me dog. Get da f*** outta here. You ain't ******* ** my house!!!!!!"

It all seems too easy for Mr Patel to make such a radical change to his whole business plan from 'members club' to a pub that suits 200+objectors.

Deadline for objections is coming up. I don't think we should put our guard down just yet.

Alright pop pickers?

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Busta newsflash!!!!!

Dear lovely listeners, weloveplumstead has broken some important news. As I am getting lazy in my old age, here it is copy & pasted :-

Dear Everyone,

There are several changes in the Busta situation that have taken place over the last few days which have been reported to weloveplumstead:

1. The developer/license applicant has reported to the Council his wish to change the name of the venue back to "The Ship".

2. The application is for a pub, not a nightclub.

3. The windows are now being restored; removal of the bricks commenced this afternoon.

In light of the above changes, along with the shortened almost-pub hours on the licensing application, the pressure to object and protest is significantly reduced. Residents of Wernbrook have even had a chance to chat with the developer/license applicant and he is clearly demonstrating a willingness to listen to and work with residents to live side-by-side peacefully.

If you are still concerned and would like to register your concern with the relevant authorities you can still:

1. Write a letter to Local Councillors and/or the Licensing Office as you see fit in light of the new developments.

2. Sign a the petition, which is available for concerned people to sign at the Chapter Two bookshop on Plumstead Common Road.

The pressure seems to be off and we should breathe a sigh of relief, but keep a watchful eye on the new Ship!

Please spread the word about these updates to concerned people.

Finally, a notice of the application hearing date should be released by the Council in a few weeks time. Please keep your eye out for that and be sure to come along if you can.


Monday, 20 November 2006


Firstly, apologies for not making it to yesterday's Bustagate meeting. I've been flu-stricken and been drinking enough Lemsip to make their shares rocket.

Secondly, who did attend the meeting? Did Mr Rhymes turn up in a bad disguise? Was there a lonely person sitting in the corner of the pub wearing a trenchcoat & comedy moustache? Maybe holding up a newspaper with two big eye holes cut out?

If anyone can shine some light on the situation, I'd be interested to know.

Thursday, 16 November 2006


For those of you who never bother to read the comments pages of Plumsteadshire, let me introduce you to the 'exclusive' email address set up by one lovely listener:-


I believe it's primarily or even exclusively set up for the Busta campaign - Bustagate

Use it, don't abuse it.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears

.... said Van Gogh.

Venue : The Star Public House on Plumstead Common

Star date : Sunday 19th November

Time : 1pm

Wasssuuuuppppp? : A meeting of minds, wit and the good folk of Plumsteadshire who give a damn about the place called home, and the pub formerly known as The Ship. Let's bash our heads together and move the Busta campaign forwards. Everyone welcome, however God help us if over 200 people turn up. Pangloss thanks the landlord of The Star in advance.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Izzy wizzy let's get busy

Sorry lovely listeners. Life's been very hectic over the past few weeks.


Showtime folks.

1 - What's the general consensus? All Busta-mail to be channelled through the 'weloveplumstead....' email address? This will mean the lovely listener who has set it up is to be 'communications director'.

2 - If the mystery listener would like me to publicise the 'weloveplumstead....' email address, then let me know. Disclaimer - Plumsteadshire cannot be held responsible for any unseemly, spam, junk or non-Busta emails hitting your mail box.

3 - A physical meeting must be set up within 7 days so we can meet and bang heads together. Time is of the essence.

Don't forget, write to the Planning Department, write to the Licensing Department, write to your MP, councillors etc etc.

Friday, 3 November 2006

What do the Planning Department do?

We've managed to press the pause button on Busta's plans for the moment. In the meantime, let's not forget the blocked up windows.

The planning department is meant to uphold planning decisions within the Borough. I don't think planning consent was granted to blocking up windows of the building formerly known as The Ship Pub.

Let's remind Greenwich Council that this must be corrected. Letters must be written to the planning department and we want answers and action. If they cannot uphold planning decisions, then why have a department?

Oh, Plumstead Common IS a conservation area.

5 minutes of your time. Write a quick letter and post it to:-

First Floor, Development Planning Reception
Peggy Middleton House
50 Woolwich New Road
Woolwich SE18 6HQ