Saturday, 25 June 2011

Les Girafes

There's a spectacular show,
which you all must know,
that is coming our way to Woolwich.
No you didn't hear wrong,
There'll be dances and songs,
and all sorts of theatrical carryings-on.

It ends the festival of performance arts,
in Greenwich and Docklands and nearby parts.
The shows (which are free), have already started,
so just click right here and you'll soon see,
that the shows are accessible,
yes, they're for you and for me.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'd better write something

Zounds!!!! I almost forgot I had a blog.

I've polished the nib and cleaned out the ink well,
it's been too long already, I'm ready to tell,
of adventures and gossip, of miscreants local,
of gay happenings in the Shire, I hope to be vocal.

One thing which baffles me is a certain name.
Swaffered's the one, although rolls off the tongue,
I must turn to Google or a reference book,
you know those old fashioned things with things called pages,
with no USB cable that we've not read for ages.

Having just searched on the internet,
I'm none the wiser about Swaffered just yet.
I'll just have to accept this is a word I'll forget,
unless my nails are in need of some bling,
hmm, maybe not, it's just not my thing.

Speaking of books, like I just did,
I'm keen to know when the library will open.
You know the one, the one at The Slade.
It has colourful glass, it's a community centre.
When will it open, so when can we enter?

Lovely listener, do post a comment and give me a date,
This refurbishment looks good. No actually, it's great!
Grey window frames, of which I do approve;
it's powder coated so it's tough and yet smooth.

At the Manor School, the steels are going up.
Facing the Common, it's a brave new look,
maybe a brave new era for an area which some mistook,
for a nowhere place full of cads and crooks.

In this time of spending cuts we must applaud,
Greenwich Council for forging ahead,
with the building works here in little Plumstead.