Thursday, 21 July 2011

Plumstead Live!

I haven't had any time to write about the Plumstead Live! event last Sunday and don't really have time to do it now either, but just to say how much I enjoyed the music; every performance was top notch.

The Plumstead Sinfonia kicked things off in style and I was particularly pleased that they'd included some Philip Glass in their set. The kids from Plumstead Manor School were amazing, especially the acapella. Anyway, I could go on, but it would be a lot of repetition and sound like I'm patting everyone on the back for the sake of it. Not so. I genuinely thought all the music was brilliant. There was a group on at the end who were playing South African music (?). Really, really fab way to end the event.

Not Plumstead Live! but you get the idea.
A great pity the rain tipped down, but it didn't dampen the atmosphere at all. Fingers crossed that the weather will be good for next year's event.

I'm not too sure who were the event organisers, but Nick Day (of PCEG fame), seems to be a big player in this, so Nick thank you so much for putting on an incredible day of live music in The Shire.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The height of Summer

The weather is fright'ning,
the thunder and lightning,
seem to be having their way,
but as far as I'm concerned,
it's a lovely day.

Eat more veg.

I had a particularly brilliant Friday; I was introduced to a mobile grocer. He drives around The Shire selling organic fruit and vegetables from his van. I love to support local businesses, but the grocer was simply the most charming down to earth person you could meet. Quality of service was most notable. Now that's something we don't get enough of these days.

I don't actually know where his regular stops are, so it's a bit like pinning a tail on the donkey.

I bought quite a few bits and pieces including the most delicious juicy plums known to humankind. There is a downside. I bought a bottle of pear juice and the rest of the family quaffed it before I could get a taster. What's the World coming to? You slog your guts out to earn an honest penny etcetera....

I'd love to give more details, but this is as much as I know at the moment.

I'll have to tell you about another high quality van-based food seller, but it'll have to wait for another time. Have you heard of The German Baker?

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Blog spam

I was really confused what had happened to some comments made on Plumsteadshire and found that there's a spam filter on Blogger and they ended up in there. I also found quite a few others there too.

Very sorry about about that Anonymous. I do value your comments, even though they're not favourable to me. You're interesting and put an excellent argument forward. Once again, apologies as it's technology getting the better of me.


Loud party going on nearby. The people sound like their having fun, but it's keeping me wide awake. I'm sure I heard Indian drumming earlier, which I love but not at midnight. It's not an Asian festival today is it?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Steam train

A Crossness steam railway service coming in 2 years time. That's seriously exciting. Heard this on the wireless today.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The knuckle dragging continues

Our 'neighbour' is so unbelievable. The children and the obligatory staffordshire bull terrier need to be rescued from the thugs that call themselves parents.

Mr KD (Knuckle Dragger), has just had a whole minute shouting fest at one of his many kids. "I didn't bring you up to be f***ing nasty ......." blah blah
"you p"""ed me off..... and made me f***ing shout. I don't like shouting....." You could've fooled me, considering you do it every day.

The KDs haven't worked out that the poor children are a result of being brought up in such a vitriolic environment and one day, will shout louder than their parents. One day, they might show their fangs to them as well and bite their big fat heads off.

I'm all for social inclusion, but these effing & blinding, always angry, blood sucking, knuckle draggers contribute nothing but poison to our community. They are a failing social experiment and I can only hope the poor children are saved before they are ruined.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Madam Butterfly in Woolwich

General Gordon Square is THE cultural centre of Woolwich. Following on from Les Girafes on Saturday evening, tonight we have a live broadcast of Madam Butterfly direct from the Royal Opera House. Yes folks, we can watch a live performance from one of the top opera companies in the World and we don't have to pay £200 for the privilege.

Madam Butterfly is one of the most popular operas around, and would you believe it, you WILL know some tunes from it, so come along and hum along.

Monday 4th July. 7.30pm. General Gordon Square, Woolwich.