Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dancing to the sound of silence

Being 256 years old, I sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest trends. Steam locomotives were quite go-ahead, shooting rockets in to space seemed rather a novel idea but it happens all the time now, and I hoped that flared trousers could stay forever.

Something I simply don't understand is the idea of a discotheque, not any old discotheque, but one where one listens to popular music whilst wearing headphones. I thought a discotheque was to enjoy dancing with other people? Look at these swingers having a gay time.

This new fangled headphone discotheque is called a Silent Disco (I am getting more confused), it is real and happening in neighbouring Greenwich. Thank the Lord God not in The Shire. It is happening on Friday 2nd October 2015 at The Cutty Sark. I don't think you'll need to bring your own wax cylinders, but do contact the organisers if you should so need.

Click here to buy your tickets.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How does this thing work again?

I have actually forgotten how this blogging thing works. I thought it'd be like riding a bicycle. I know how to sit on my 'bicycle' but I don't know how to make my legs go round.

Cup of tea. That's the answer to everything, then it'll slowly come back to me.


Ah yes. Getting there.

It's certainly been a long time and I was enjoying my retirement, but over the months and years, people had asked me to start blogging again. "Gadzooks man, do you not know how time consuming blogging is?", say I.

Since I last picked up my virtual pen, The Shire has changed. Not by much, but this oil tanker takes a lot of steering.

  • A couple of local social media groups have started up and have become the soap boxes for Plumstead folk which is great as most people have something to say, but don't say it or are too shy, or think their view isn't valid. Plumstead People is an amazing source of local history and local banter.
  • The dining-out experience has exploded ¹. The Plumstead Pantry is a real treat for an evening supper and The Star public house is so much more than a public house.
  • New folk have started moving in to The Shire. Folk who have moved from very smart parts of London. In the many years I've lived here, this is a new phenomena to me. Maybe they're here for the Crossrail effect and sell up and move on once Crossrail opens, I don't know, but the ones I've chatted to are very nice folk, so that's fine by me.
I'd like to paste a photo or two, but can't remember how. It'll give me an incentive to write something else before Halley's Comet comes round again.

1 - People read this from all corners of the World, so if we don't 'big it up', no one will.

Monday, 13 April 2015

The London Symphony Orchestra is simply world class and they are here, right on our doorstep, in London. In all the years they've been performing, one of their latest works may be the one which reaches out to more audience members ever. I don't mind whether or not Candy Crush Soda Saga is a low brow introduction to orchestral music, but the music in this game is wonderfully lush - rather lost on tiny speakers in an iPhone, but you get the idea.

Here's an article on Johan Holmströmthe composer.